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Facing the cross-regional market and cultural differences, not understanding the characteristics of local users is a challenge to promote thebrand. It is difficult for multi-national brands to target high-quality users in a short time. Huawei, the third-largest in the global mobile phone market, relies on its global solid internet advantages and operational capabilities. 


Reach 7 million global users with one simple click, gather high-end quality users 

Huawei has over 7 million monthly active users, covering close to 4 million monthly active users in China. Huawei ranks 3rd place in global market share and 1st place in China. Huawei’s mobile ecosystem covers 170+ countries and regions across the world. By applying the system of Huawei ADS, companies can advertise their brands and products or build up their brand image to the global market. Advertisers can utilize Huawei ADS platform to set up a customized marketing strategic plan based on the local environment and conditions to reach the target audiences accurately.  

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According to statistics, Huawei accounted for 12% of the high-end mobile phone market share in Q1 of 2020, ranking third in the global mobile phone market. The characteristics of Huawei users are active, highly educated with high income, which can bring more high-quality users with extensive consumption capability.

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Huawei covers more than 1.1 billion traffics in Smart Ecosystem, with 10+% Click Through rate

Huawei has 17 original apps with 100 million active users, together with a large variety of high-quality mobile game apps. With the use of powerful data technology with over 1.1 billion traffic, companies can target accurately in multi-dimensions. Combining the customer’s usage behaviours, it can reach the target audience and achieve a high conversion rate.  

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 Source: Public Data of Huawei ADS, Q1 in 2021 

Huawei ADS supports different types of ad formats such as lock screen ads, feed ads, and video ads, to align with the advertising needs brands from different industries.

Demo of Commonly used Huawei ADS:

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 Source: Data from Huawei Developers  


Outstanding Case: The eye-catching Volvo S60 Press Conference  

In 2019, Huawei and Volvo reached a marketing cooperation strategy. It aims to use Huawei’s service in Volvo cars and promote the Volvo new car S60.

Volvo S60 has utilized diversified Ad resources provided by Huawei ADS. The live broadcast of the online press conference has brought over 1.05 million viewers by promoting through Huawei ADS. As a result, the exposure rate of the conference reached 55 million views.  

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