Managing the Private Traffic of your Brand via WeChat

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WeChat: A social media APP relied heavily by 9,000 million netizens in China

As the fierce competition of online traffic under the pandemic, more retails business has utilized the rich ecosystem of WeChat to accelerate the speed of entering the online private traffic of e-commerce. Launching the business in WeChat can build up a more profound and broader relationship with the users and increase the customer’s loyalty and sales volume.

WeChat, China’s largest social app, has now surpassed 1.2 billion monthly active users by the end of the third quarter in 2020. 

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Source: Tencent Financial Report

WeChat Official Account becomes the essential information delivery channel under the Pandemic

The content of the WeChat official account can bring insights and new ideas to the users. The WeChat Official Account is the crucial channel for delivering information and making the announcement during the epidemic. Despite the upsurge of short videos and the influence of the epidemic, still 1.09 billion active users open WeChat APP every day, while 360 million users browse articles from WeChat Official Account.

In 2020, 380 million posts were posted in the WeChat Official Account, with a 20% increase in the overall browsing rate. Especially during the outbreak of the pandemic in February, the browsing rate rose by 37.33%. More business has drawn support from the WeChat Official Account to reach the existing customers, build up word of mouth, increase the brand reputation and sales volume. 

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WeChat Mini Program accelerates business private traffic and realization, which is the essential channel for gaining new growth of enterprises

WeChat Mini Program is an easy-using and instant loading application with a low set-up cost. The business can connect to customers quickly while customers can consume instantly. 

Many merchants connect and build up the relationship with customers during the epidemic by redeveloping the WeChat mini program. This application has achieved outstanding performance and grown speedily. According to statistics, the number of daily active users in the WeChat mini program achieved 400 million, with more than a 100% increasement in gross merchandise value, which close to RMB 1.6 trillion. Besides, over 100 million users have made purchases in WeChat Mini Programs of shopping malls and departure stores per year. Among them, the gross merchandise value of the self-operated and -managed WeChat Mini Programs increased by 255% year on year. 

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Source: WeChat Open Data & Aladdin Index Platform:

WeChat has formed its ecosystem with over 1 billion users and its mature payment system. WeChat Official Account creates an indispensable channel for the realization of the business in China market. It also dramatically enhances the development of both real and fictitious economy.  

With the penetration of the internet and the development of e-commerce, WeChat provides new chances and profit to the gradually recovering retail market, which will become a new highland of traffic for cross-border retail companies.

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